CryptoSumatra AMA Recap With MetaTower

Time : February 11/ 2pm UTC / 21.00 WIB
Venue :
CryptoSumatra Community Telegram Group
Guest : Casper (Project Lead)


Q1. Could you give us a short introduction about MetaTower?
Metatower is a Gamefi + NFT + Metaverse project that is community-based and decentralized. We are built on BSC and is based on the famous flash game “Tower of the Sorcerers”. We are combining NFT and gamefi and one must own our Adventurer NFT in order to play our game MetaTower. We set up a play-to-earn system with our game token $METT. NFT owner can also rent out their NFT for passive income. We are in a very early stage and is preparing for our NFT sale. MetaTower is not just selling NFT or just developing games, but we are combining both of them as we are hoping to give use cases to NFT, and also prevent our game from going to the degen routes that many gamefi ended up.

Q2. What makes you stand out from others? Also, what benefits do users get when joining your platform?
That is such a great question! I will say the cut edge advantage for us is the way we are combining NFT and gamefi, as nowadays both NFT and gamefi have been receiving a lot of criticism. NFT has been made fun of being bunch of jpg or png without any use cases, while gamefi are just being referred as degen farm 2.0. But that should not be the case and is sad to see how NFT and gamefi are yet to realize their potential as they should be the two hottest concept in 2022.

We are trying to change that by setting up the play to earn gamefi system, that one must own our NFT in order to play the game. Therefore it will provide use case for our NFT, while at the same time reduce the selling pressure of our gamefi project; as one can use what they earn to buy our NFT in secondary marketplace. Therefore it is a well-built sustaining cycle. This is what makes us stand out, as it is a unique system.

And this set up can also benefit the long term hodlers, because those who hodl the longest can earn the most income from the game and also passive income from the NFT. Also one must join our discord in order to get into whitelist to mint our NFT. Furthermore, we are also having tons of interesting events and contests in our community too, not to mention we are giving away $50,000 in total for invite contest!

Q3. How many people/backers are there in MetaTower team? And what is your rule in this team?
We have 4 people in total in our team. My name is Casper and I am the project lead for MetaTower. I have been in the crypto space for around 4 years now, and I have been learning a lot during the last long bear market. I am mainly responsible for doing outreach and promotion, but also would help will some coding and also game development. Then we have a developer that is well experienced in blockchain and game development, and a graphic designer. A good graphic designer is crucial as we are having NFT for sale, and also game development ongoing too. The whole NFT is designed by our graphic designer, and it is in great quality!

Then we have our CMO Arturo Knight, which possesses great marketing skill and vast experiences with different NFT projects. One can check out his website, as he has been covered by different news medias. So our team is partly doxxed and also we are having talents that can fulfill different needs for growing our project in the long run

We also have a few partnership that is on discussion stage, and therefore we cannot reveal to people yet. But overall we have a strong team and potential backers and we are confident as we are building everyday!

Q4. Can you break down $METT Token Metrics for us? And how your token will be playing a role in ecosystem?
$METT is going to be the gaming token, but for now we don’t have any date and more detail for launching yet. It is because we are still in a very early stage, and we have separated our short term development into a few phases. First we gonna finish our NFT sale, which is the 10,000 adventurer NFT sale. Second we will launch the $METT, third is the game alpha version. Therefore we are still quite far from the $METT launch, but I can ensure that gonna be fairlaunch, and also is going to be based on BSC. That is going to be the gaming token that one will earn from playing our game $METT, and also can be used to buy and sell our NFT for the future.

And for now we are still focusing on NFT sale, and this is our main concern for now. There is going to be 4 rarity, and one must own or rent a NFT in order to play our game. The more rare it is, the better overall skills of the Adventurer will be and therefore easier to play in our game. 10,000 will be the total number and never will be changed. The minting will be separated into 4 phases, and starting is only 0.2 BNB for only a 1000 of it! So it will be very competitive. And after we finish up the NFT sale we will move to the $METT

Q5. Please share us some progress & achievement from MetaTower Roadmap.
100%, so we are still in a super early stage, and what I meant by that is we literally just started promotion for like less than a week. Our discord and telegram is still quite quiet, also due to the minting time for our NFT is still TBA. But overall we have been doing great, we have all our social media set up (Twitter, telegram, discord, youtube etc) and also our website is live. Whitepaper is done with 10,000 NFT already drew. Promotion is ongoing, game development is around 40% for the alpha version, and also our community is growing daily.

It is hard to believe that we just getting started and so many great things already been achieved, and we are also in active discussion and connection with some potential partners and are making progress. We are planning on next big wave of promotion which should be seeing more results next week. Overall we have been doing great and everything has been on track. No matter bull or bear market, we are always building and our team is always here!


Q1. The P2E is a very competitive, aside from earning which is absolutely important, to what length have the @MetaTower team gone to ensure that the game is actually fun and entertaining to players? What are the exciting features that would keep players attached to the game?
We are based on the famous flash game “Tower of the Sorcerers”, and yes I agree that is a very competitive topic with a lot of games out there that been criticized not fun and entertaining at all. I also agree some games are not very well-built and is just like those very old 1990s flash game.

Therefore we are having different phases for our game development. For MetaTower we are going to have alpha version, beta version and final version. We are doing this way so we can fine tune and also listen to our community members to adjust our game. Also we are based on the already proven successful flash game “Tower of the Sorcerers”, which known to attracted million of players. So overall I think we are off to a great headstart!

Q2. Many games don’t support mobiles, and that reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Are #MetaTower2022 only support PC devices? Or will it be compatible with Android devices and also iOS?
We dont support mobiles for now, and we will be focusing on the alpha and beta version build up first. Therefore currently we do not have any plan on supporting mobiles, for both Android and IOS. But I totally agree on what you are saying, as mobile games have been such a trend and also that will reduces the foot traffic a lot if we are not supporting mobile.

Therefore even for now on we don’t have plans to be compatible with mobile devices, this is definitely possible for our final version release; just like how we are planning to go cross-chain to ETH, AVAX, SOL anyway. This is in our long term plan for sure!

Q3. I love your NFT artworks. What is your inspiration for every NFT’s character? and what about rarity of every NFT?
We have 4 levels of NFT rarity
Legendary: 1%
Rare: 5%
Uncommon: 20%
Common: 74%

So in total we gonna have 10,000 NFT for sale. The rarity will be useful in our game MetaTower, and one that has the Legendary one will be having a significant advantage in playing our game. Not only he will earn more tokens in the game, he will also be stronger and much easier to get to the top of the tower.

Our NFT is inspired by the game “Tower of the Sorcerers”, and we are doing the Pixel art because we wanna keep the traditional and good old memories from the flash game era. as we are also trying to preserve flash game after Adobe Flash is no longer in service.

Q4. Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base.Does”metatower” have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so,what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the MetaTower?
We don’t have any entrance fee, but we do have a starting conditions. And the condition is one must hold at least one of our NFT to play MetaTower. But we also understand it can be a barrier for people to join our game. Therefore we also have renting system. One don’t have to buy, but simply rent the NFT from an owner; and he can join and play our game as well.

So it can reduce the selling pressure of our gamefi, and also providing use case for out NFT and generating passive income for the NFT holders to reward our early supporters. Therefore we are trying to balance everything and still able to attract new users

Q5. As the NFTs were focused on the images and video clips of players.I wondered if there were so copyright problems or something similar, that a user buy an NFT and that the player shown in said image requests the removal of that material. Will it be totally safe to buy these NFTs?
There will not be any copyright issue, cause if you check the history of “Tower of the sorcerers”, you will see there are tons of different variation of that game already floating around in the internet. This game has been out for so long, and is not some Mario game that will have copyright problem. Buying our NFT is 100% safe and they are genuine and created by our graphic designers. This is a good question to be raised but is not a concern at all.


Q1. What makes your project transparent and fighting? How do you build a solid ecosystem?
First of all we are partly doxxed and also we the dev are always in discord, twitter and telegram that answering questions. We are all over different social media platform and will always pin important information. we also do polls in telegram, and also we listen to our community feedback. And we are always present, as we believe a strong community is always crucial to succeed.

And we are buidling a solid ecosystem from carefully planning the NFT and gamefi combination, with a game release plan and also fairlaunch token $METT in the future. Also we are doing the NFT sale as well so you can see our ecosystem is big but also all inter-related. This is the approach we are taking, slowly but also carefully!

Q2. According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?
Our most important next priority is going to be the NFT sale. It is because this is the starting point of our ecosystem and also the gamefi launch. We also need the funding from NFT sale in order to provide liquidity for our token $METT, as we are going fairlaunch for $METT. Also selling 10,000 NFT will need a lot of efforts, and therefore we are focusing on marketing right now and discord is our main social media platform for that. We also have token launch and gamefi alpha version release down the road, but right now we are focusing on the NFT sale first.

Q3. Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Above is the whitepaper link, and there is not presale. We are only doing NFT sale for now, but we are doing the NFT sale in 4 phases, with the earlier the cheaper. So that can count as some sort of presale as well. But now we are still only having NFT sale and token launch is not yet planned. We also only in discussion phases with a few potential partners, therefore we don’t have any presale or seed round etc.

Q4. Token Burn and BuyBack program play an important role in increasing Token value Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?
We don’t have token released yet, but we do have burn and buyback plans. As the project owner, I strongly believe in our token gonna be successful in the future, therefore I don’t mind buying back. Moreover, even though we don’t have token launch yet, we are still going to have NFT sale. And when the NFT sale is done, we gonna sweep the floor price up occasionally for our investors best interests. We are also gonna use our NFT sale funding for more promotion to attract more investors too!

Q5. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?
This is a great question to conclude the whole AMA, and I will be happy to share all our social media links below:


Thanks a lot for having me here today, and I look forward to know you guys more in our different social media. Thanks!

Mr. Casper thank you again for spending your valuable time with us here. We wish all the best for MetaTower!



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